• Friday, 15. January 2021 06:32

Gankers Gone Wild Website Relaunched!


Hello Gankers!

Welcome to the guild's new home online. This server was hand-crafted by me to serve our guilds needs. Shoutout to the fine folks at EQDKP for making an awesome Gamer CMS. We will be using it from here on out.

Most of the action right now will be taking place in the classic version of the page.  Classic wow is technically a different game, so it has it's own sub site with it's own users and all that. This is because when things get going, there won't be any confusion about which Gankers Gone Wild you are looking at.

Registration is open and can be linked up to your Battle.net, Facebook or Discord accounts.

I recommend to register in the normal way, via filling out the forms and replying to the email we send you. This gives you the most control of your displayed name, email address, all that sort of thing. After you register you can link up the account to your Battle.net, Facebook or Discord logins and make future logins easier. However, you can simply register by clicking the button from the registration page for the site you want to use. It will use the name of that account to register you here.

Also, the best way to make sure that your username propagates between both sites is to use regular registration, and then link up your external accounts after that.

Beware, the Battle.net 3rd party registration still has you fill out the web form here and answer an email, but it will fill in your user name and link up your Battle.net account. It is useful to add your game characters to your login, but can also be done after the fact.

Of course, 3rd party registration is NOT required to use the site. It has been added to simplify the process for people who want to use that method.

Things aren't perfect yet, but we have enough working to launch.  You can look up your character on the roster, you can add comments, you can chat, you can see news about the game, whats going on in Discord and more. Plenty of stuff to get started and more to come.

To get on GGW's Discord server, register a user and the link will appear on the bar at the end. Or contact me on Battle.net, Facebook or anywhere else you can. Or ask another guildie. Or read our guild's ingame MOTD.


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